paris: bright lights, big city

hey,hey! oh can i just say how happy i am to be given a chance to experience this whole europe adventure with my family? i am just super duper grateful. hay, before i get emotional pa, here goes my kwento.

our first stop was paris. we spent a good 4 days there. it was reaaaaly fun! of course given na yung medyo magastos talaga. as in pricey lahat. from coke to hotel rates. naman! my sis said, hello you are in europe, what do you expect? oo nga naman. lalo na we stayed at champ de mars area, super near the eiffel tower. as in dalawang tumbling lang, nandun ka na. hehe. i will make a separate post about the hotel where we stayed ha? para di lang magulo. nakakahiya naman, baka ma lost kayo dahil napaka unorganized na ng kwento ko.

with sophie in front of hotel de cadran

anyways, paris really is a beautiful place. yung feeling, iba eh. may certain high sya. imagine, from the plane pa lang, the moment we landed, everybody was cheering, some even clapped their hands with joy. nakakahawa. i swear naki-clap din kami, haha. and lahat yun ha, feeling ko, tourists just like us. good vibes agad.

the eiffel tower

giant wind mill

view from the seine river

paris side walk

sacré-cœur basilica in montmartre

gare saint lazare

at champs elysees

the eiffel tower at night

we availed of the full day tour because ayoko ma-hassle walking around with a toddler in tow. mahirap. so i wanted everything pre-arranged na. it was quite expensive but syempre for you to enjoy, you need to be comfy and you know, not to be stressed out thinking about logistics like, where to go and how to get there. and i think i made the best decision kasi if i didn't do that, i don't think we would be able to see and do as much as we did.

seeing paris the first time, enjoying the sights with family, learning its history is truly a blessing. i wouldn't have it any other way.  the trip really made me appreciate what i have now and how blessed i am considering what i have been through.

all smiles at the eiffel tower

daddy with soph

my greatest joy

mother's love

the linos at  paris, france, october  2012

i always thought of paris as a city filled with history and rich in culture. the very reason why it is considered as one of the most visited cities in the world. so the expectation talaga, sobra. of course, you are spending - okay, "investing" a lot of money on the trip so whatever expectations you have, parang in a way you try to make the most out of everything. it's not as if we could just go there any time we want. so the experience itself, i guess, enough na to say that it was worth every cent we spent. and the fact that i have my family with me, nothing can beat that.

laters! xx


giday said...

Gaganda ng mga pics nyo Sis!!! super worth it talaga!!! Ingatz palagi. God bless you more!!! =)

M said...

lovely photos! i had the same feeling when i was fortunate to join hubby in his business trip to europe! sana manalo ako sa lotto so i could also bring my liapot there soon :)

the linos said...

Thanks, Zigrid! Godbless you too! :)

the linos said...

Mars, thank you! Oo nga. Diba, ang galing! Kakatuwa! Ako rin dream ko din manalo sa lotto para makabalik kami haha! Kisses to Liapot! :)

Em said...

Loooove all the photos! You should have the last photo framed and the one of you and Sophie! Super like talga!
Dream ko din makapunta jan with my family. Siguro naman hindi masamang manalo tayo nila Marsy sa lotto kahit sabay sabay, diba? At least magkikita kita tayo jan :)

the linos said...

Em, plan ko yan talaga. Ipa frame ang mga photos! Nakaktuwa kasi nasa mood naman si Soph na pumose-pose. hehe.

Oo, hati hati tayo, keri na! Para masaya diba, kita kita tayo duon, and mag Shangrila tayo!!!!

the linos said...

mommymaggiemusings ( has left a new comment on your post "paris: bright lights, big city":

Super enjoy si Sophie! Ako din, I want to go to Europe. Gusto ko yung plan ni Em so sasabit ako haha

the linos said...

Maggie, sorry instead na publish nadelete ko! Aantok antok pa kasi ako kanina haha

Oo super enjoy talaga! Hay. Tara punta tyo lahat, group picture sa eiffel! Hihi :)

fleur said...

Sieggy! Super sayang hindi tayo nag-abot sa Paris! Did you guys go to Disneyland? Kami hindi na kasi we're reserving it pagkasama na namin ang bagets =) I love your photos! Sophie's adorable in her "warm" clothes =)

the linos said...

heyhey, fleur! naku we were not able to go. super lakas ng ulan nung morning. tapos we forgot to bring the stroller, so mahirap. eh ayaw maglakad ni sophia! next time na lang or better yet sa HK na lang, haha :)

Anonymous said...

The photos looks good and I love it! Feeling ko I'm in Paris too just by looking at the photos, Sieggy.

And kailangan ko na din bang tumaya sa lotto para makasama ako sa inio dyan nila Ate Maggie at Em?! Hahaha! Kahit sa luggage pwede nako isiksik! LOL

the linos said...

Yayyyyyy! Tumaya na tayo ng lotto!!!! Hahaha. Thanks for the kind words, sha! :)

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