oh i am just super happy i got most of the things i wished for last year and more.  super fun to come up with the list and more fun making and seeing them happen.
this year is no different. i have a pretty long list of material stuff i want to have but really no pressure of having them naman so soon. slowly but surely. diba nga, no expectations naman ako last year and super malabo talaga to have those stuff that I wanted but the universe had other plans pala. happy, happy!
anyways, here na my list. again ha, please don’t think na napaka materialistic kong tao. No naman. slight lang. nyahahaha. kidding aside, no talaga. i just want this to be a happy post kasi. okidoki? so ayan, let’s do thiiiis!

rimowa luggages
rimowa topas titan range set
yes! may s talaga. i want not just one. i want a set of rimowas. haha. okaaaay, maarte ako talaga. i have been using my red elle luggage set for so long and ayaw ko na sya. looks okay pa rin naman kaso lang ayoko na nung style. i would be travelling a lot next year and I would love to have a rimowa with me. feelingera lang, sorry naman. kahit pa isa isa lang, keri na. hehe.

lv wallet and pouch

pouch in damier ebene canvas

the hubby gifted me with an LV bag so i want a matching wallet and pouch to go with it. bwahaha. hay nako. i really  don’t like this kind of  feeling which is why I try not to own a designer bag. prone ako to get hooked with stuff and mahilig ako talaga to match things together, so ayan na. nuninuninu. goodluck sa aken diba.  my gulay! priorities, priorities!

ipad mini

white ipad mini

i am uing an ipad 3 and hubby naman shares his ipad 2 with soph so i am thinking of getting an ipad mini for the hubby para masolo na ni soph the other ipad. That or the hubby can have my ipad 3 so i can have the mini. weeeeee! wahaha. yun talaga yun, actually. but since he hubby wants the ipad mini as christmas present  i guess hihiram na lang ako sa kanya. haha. waley lang. pa experience lang. hihi.

iphone 5

who doesn't love this gorgeous thing?

oh it looks pretty. i waaaant one pero happy naman ako with my 4S so okay lang.  saka, naman, i have a very strong feeling kasi this would be the assigned phone  for my new assignment eh  so hindi sya malabo mangyari. assuming forever!

canon powershot elph 110 16 megapixel digital camera

i loveeee it! must be the color. lol.

owem! i am sooo unhappy with the europe photos that we have. i wanna blame the weather kasi nga madilim most of the time eh pag outdoors, you really have to have great lights para bonggels the photos kasi nakakaganda sya talaga kaso feeling ko, the camera that we have failed me, super. okay na rin naman kesa wala. haha. so now, i am keen on getting this powershot cam from canon or any equivalent. hindi ako masyado fan ng slr, too big and too heavy for me, saka wala ako angle eh so okay na ako with compact one. basta bongga ang pixels!
customized king size bed
looks super comffffy!

i have been contemplating on getting one but hubby said no muna since wala naman ako sa house and mag isa lang sya na hihiga dun if ever. hehe. sophie kasi sleeps in her own room na so feeling ni husband, getting a king size bed now, given that I am away is no use. i  really really wanted to have a new bed. nothing wrong naman with our bed now, except that, queen size sya. i actually found na the one who does bed customization and we agreed na with the design and all but last minute I backed out because hubby said no nga. ohwell.

a matching diamond stud earrings for me and the bebe


ito talaga, i am dying to have! I will really save up for these next year. period.

my gosh. andami ko pa gusto idagdag. haha. the thing is, ang hirap naman masyado idagdag lahat, baka masira priorities ko, wala matupad kahit isa sa mga wish. i need to focus. note to self:  know what is more important! naks!
grabe, i cant wait for 2013! here’s wishing everyone a wonderful year ahead. now pa lang, let us claim na abundant blessings from God.
laters! xx


mommymaggiemusings said...

Gusto ko rin yung camera so I won't have to rely on the huge DSLR that hubby frequently forgets. grr.

the linos said...

Kaya nga!!!!! Sa Schipol airport laging sale ang canon camera eh, I plan to get one from there, if you want Maggie, message kita then will let you know yung price. Para mabili kita in case interested ka :)

kikaymommysha said...

I want the ipad mini and camera too, I must agree with Ate Maggie ang hirap nga ng parating may dalang DSLR!

Oh and I love the diamond earrings too, sayang my ears are allergic to any kind of jewelries!

the linos said...

True! Hirap kasi bulky masyado. Eh kelangan pa naman always may camera tayo dala hehehe.

Awww. Nay on your allergy, Sha!! Ang hirap naman nyan :(

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