beautiful city of helsinki

to jumpstart my european tour hehe, i decided to go with my officemate to spend swedish midsummer holiday at helsinki, finland. here are some of the photos I have captured after touring the city which only took us half day to finish. but of course excluding the suomenlinna island tour, which unfortunately didnt push through because it started raining in the afternoon.

helsinki cathedral

central station

really nice restaurant

central park

national museum


finlandia auditorium

the train which goes around the  city

posh sidewalk with LV, Gucci and other signature brand stores

all greens, i like!

yay, mcdonalds!

at the park

uh-oh, here comes the rain!

gosh, i was really impressed with the building structures. i was never big on old style buildings ha, but seeing them up close, as in, napa-wow ako talaga. they were really  beautiful. plus you can see the greens around and it blended perfectly with the place.

i fell inlove with the cathedral. really pretty and the location, elevated sya and even if you were on the other side of the city, you could still see it. sobrang majestic lang, as in. wasnt able to get inside, closed na kasi sya and most of the establishments, close. open lang on weekdays, like malls, ganyan. sabi ko nga, next time we go, i will make sure not on a weekend.

syempre i wanted to post some of my feeling tourist photos haha. pagbigyan nyo na ako, hindi naman everyday may chance na makapag scarf ako. haha.

some art exhibit

right in from of the central park

my favorite shot lol.

i really had a great time. feel na feel ko lang talaga haha. anyway, if you guys wanna see the rest of the photos, i have posted them na at facebook. alrighty, laters! xx

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