that old town in stockholm called gamla stan

gamla stan is one of the largest and best preserved medieval city centers in europe. this is also considered as  one of the best attractions in stockholm. here you can see different  museums, studios, retaurants and places to shop. this is where you can find stockton cathedral, stock exchange and the swedish royal palace. a really beautiful town with wonderful facades.

pretty, yes?

financial establishment

over looking the cathedral

see the dark clouds?

the one in the middle is the prime ministers place..

old building

of course, the obligatory tourist shot haha!

hindi nag cooperate ang weather eh, wasn't able to see tuloy the royal palace. i also wanted to see the cathedral up close. i will definitely come back to explore the place. iba lang the atmosphere and all and the photos didn't even do justice to how the place really looked like in person. sobrang ganda and i must say, this is definitely one of the best in stockholm.

laters! xx 


M said...

been to eu when i joined hubby in his business trip once. kaso di siya pumunta sa sweden :( sana pagdating ng panahon, sweden naman. heheh. nice shots btw :)

the linos said...

mommy behind planet marsy! yay! thanks for dropping by here. :) i frequent your site a lot. thanks ulet.

M said...

really? oh my, i am starstrucked (tama ba ang term ko?). hehe. been stalking you for months na rin. i especially love your EU posts! more more please! take care :)

Em said...

Love the big bag, sis! :)

Em said...

Natawa nmn ako sa comment ko here. I was referring to the bag you used at the airport. Haha. Mali mali lng :)

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