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hello, hello! am gonna make kwento sana about my life here pero obviously, you guys are more ineterested with the photos haha. pero syempre, fun din naman to share my experience diba? so let me make kwento na, promise, you will get aliw with my kwento.

let me start with the foodie. the regular staple here is potato and salad. also, salmon. my gosh, this is a salmon country. sa mahal ng cost of living, the only thing that is cheap is salmon. i swear!  anyway, not much on rice but of course even if hindi sila big on rice, they have it naman at the supermarket so medyo hindi ko sya namimiss. during the first two weeks, i tried the canteen food. as in buffet, complete set, i enjoyed it, i actually liked it pero naman, paulit ulit so i easily got sawa. so i started doing what i love most. i cooked my own food that includes my baon for lunch. yeeeha! 

instagram photo: spam, toast and egg with coffee for brekky!

instagram photo: yummy afritada for lunch!

instagram photo: creamy chicken macaroni soup for dinner!

dibaaaaa? parang nasa bahay lang. haha. but mind you, the spam and vienna sausage, i brought all the way from pinas, and the afritada, i made the tomato sauce from scartch. haha. yes, ang galing ko lang. haha. di ko yata kasi kaya to have canned goods for three consecutive days, to think na sa dinner lang ha so i had to prepare real food talaga.

and oh, the drinks. what about that? okay, they sooo love sparkling water here. ewan ko ba, ako hindi ko talaga gusto. well, it could be the jologs in me that is why hanggang tap water lang ako. haha. dito talaga, they do not have regular bottled water, bihira eh, maybe because the tap water is super safe to drink and hindi mo na kelangan ng ice because malamig na sya. syempre, at first, i tried looking for a regular bottled water, i thought i found one, pag uwi ko, when i tasted it, sparkling water pala. haha! sabi kasi ng label, naturelle, wahahaha. yun pala unflavored sparkling water. deyyyym, sayang much?! then of course, there is soda whch they refer to as cola, coke ako ng coke eh, haha. super daming mixed juices, and wines pero bilang boring akong tao, coke and water lang, okay na ako. not big on milk as well, so, not really a problem ang inumin.

hay naku, everything here, basta food, even fruits and veggies, mahalia jackson. if super convert ako forever, magugutom ako eh. better if you prepare your own food pero such a challenge to find yung exact ingredient because hindi lahat available.

instagram photo: baked penne

instagram photo: tuna and liver spread with cheese sandwich

i am loving the fact that i am eating healthy now. i mean, i have my cheat days, like, i will eat talaga my super comfort food, you know, i will make sinigang and will eat like a king pero i only get to do that on weekends eh. with my baon naman, mostly, grilled, veggies, ganyan. ohwell, good for me, right?

okay, i think that was it for the food, up next, walking and more walking haha. stay tuned. laters! xx

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