hello from stockholm!

i left manila thursday night via KLM royal dutch airlines and arrived in stockholm the following day -- that took me twenty three freakin hours. yes, that long. ohwell, stop over at taipei then amsterdam where i had to catch my connecting flight to stockholm.ang taray diba? haha. ahm,  can i just say how much i love schiphol airport? teehee.

took a cab from arlanda airport to  foretagsbostader's office to pick up my keys for the apartment. yep, my apartment! so there i was, standing outside this five-story building figuring out how to get in until i remembered the door code. wahaha. then voila, i got in! but wait,  where is the lift? o diba naman? so i started to panic. hello? i have three heavy luggages, like, 20 kilos each, how on earth will i be able to get these up? kaya ayun,  i just stood there, i couldn't think anymore talaga because my pagod is taking over my matinong self, i wanted to cry. pero what can i do? wala ako choice, right? no manong outside to help me wah!

Gjutargatan 8

so i started getting the first luggage up, and then i saw this odd looking door which turned out to be the lift! yay! i wanted to do cartwheel right there and then hehehe. imagine me carrying 60 kilos of stuff all the way up eh third floor pa ako? hello? haha.

saang door ito? hulaan nyo!

yes! this is the lift!

maximum 3 pax i think, kasya. haha. nag dalawang batch pa ako to get my stuff, scared ako nung una, haha. may pagka freaky kasi, i guess yung light plus super small nung space. anyway, it wasn't that bad naman. i was able to reach my door, thank you but my gulay, pagoda na ako ng bongga that time.

this is me! yay!

awww. homey, right?

so there. finally, i was able unload everything, rest a bit then took a shower. i was not able to sleep well since i was jetlagging but managed to get up early the following day. the place was really really nice. it was quiet, not over crowded, clean and yes, cold.

very clean

luxery cars parked on side street

not so many people outside 

traffic signs, pedestrians


this is what i will be seeing for the next one hundred seventy six days. have to go now, more kwento and photos soon. laters! xx


Anonymous said...

Linis naman! Is it only the pictures you took or talagang konti lang tao sa streets diyan? How's work? Nice apartment. :)

the linos said...

Malinis and konti tao talaga. Haha. Even malls, not really crowded. Work is okay, busy with handovers. Thanks, doc tani! Will post more photos with kwento soon. xx

Anonymous said...

I hope you are having a grand time!
I love the lift! Parng Titanic lang ang peg.
love the scandanavian curtains too.


the linos said...

Yaaaay! Maqui, Medyo di ko feel ang lift! Haha creepy for me lol. Ang mga curtains karamay ko sa nakakalokang evening sun! Kaka sunset lang ng 11pm, sunrise na ng 230am anobeyyyyy! Haha

Gracie said...

parang dumbwaiter lang ang lift sa size no? kung claustrophobic ka, goodluck sayo, lol. nice apartment, Ikea all over. malamang sulit na sulit ang blackout curtains dyan :)

Nicole said...

I love your apartment!!! If we get to find something similar in Singapore that's within our budget, I'll be ecstatically happy =)

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