sleepless in bangkok

the hubby and i travelled to bangkok a month ago for some quick thai massage fix. NOT. haha. okay, seriously, we went there for my biometrics schedule at the embassy of sweden. well, for those who do not know, we only have  sweden consulate in the philippines and they only do scheduling and prelimimary interview but the biometrics processing is done in bangkok.

we flew via thai airways and stayed overnight  at the centara grand hotel at central world. it was a super quick trip, that we had to leave the following day after my biometrics has been submitted.

and yeah, we did get our usual massage fix, bought some pashminas and headed back to the airport to catch our 2pm flight. ahm, okay, mas matagal pa travel compared to my 10-minute appointment. lol.

honeymooners lang ang peg. lol. xx


Em said...

Omg?! Talaga? Grabe ang mahal ng Biometrics na yan ha :) did you pay for your tix? Sorry, kuripot mode lng. Hehe.

the linos said...

haha, company paid for the tickets. buti na lang, otherwise, ayawan na. haha.

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