sophie's birthday kwento and more

i have always wanted a big party for my little girl. remember when she turned one? yes, that kind of party. iniisip ko before na every birthday ni sophie, it has to really be pretty and grand. but you know, things do change  eh. so siguro lang with everything that happened, na appreciate ko talaga the beauty of simple things.

last saturday, we had a simple gathering  to celebrate sophie's terrific two. it was super fun! i think naman all the guests had fun too. we didnt have any games na because playdate lang yung concept plus swimming ganyan, both for the kids and the adults. i was super happy kasi nga most of sophie's playmates from the condo were there. also, some of my friends attended as well. there were some who did not make it kasi nga parang everything was planned last minute na. we just wanted to throw something lang for the little girl.

i ordered food plus ako, my mom and my aunt prepared some din para masaya lang. we had chicken teriyaki, lechon kawali, shanghai rolls, chopsuey, baked lasagna, pancit, grilled bangus and variety off desserts like maja blanca, crema de fruta, rice cake, riped mangoes and the to die for green mangoes with bagoong! nakakatuwa because everybody enjoyed the foodie. super parang picnik lang. it did help that very convenient nung venue as in parang nasa resort na rin kami because yung ambiance sa clubhouse namin is resort talaga and we picked yung area near the playground so the kiddos can play. also at the same time, nag swim naman the rest like sophie's cousins who really spent most of their time sa pool. si sophie nga lang, even before the party started nag swim na kaya medyo dark sa photos! kaloka! ohwell, kids gotta love water.

the cabanas kasi are on a first come first served basis so imagine the hubby setting up the chairs and tables at 2am! haha. karir kami talaga because no caterer or party organizer to do the set up eh. good thing lani of razzle dazzle who lives on the same building was there to help me with the decors. super nicey all the balloons! grabe, i was so touched because in-effort nya pa even other decors na hindi na kasama sa bayad. ang ganda nung mga cabanas na feel ko naman na parang party na sya talaga.

as for the cake, it was ordered from red ribbon. wasn't really keen on having a themed cake eh pero wala ako mapili so i opted to have a sesame street design and yun talaga when i saw the cake na love ko as in pati cuppies! super nice! bonus pa because sophie's ninang ria insisted on paying for the cake so happy naman ako, thanks mare! yummy naman the cake and the kids loved it! super cute naman kasi the deisgn so winner sa mga kids lalo na yung cupcakes.

another thing that made the party super fun was pixel pix, they are the ones who documented everything. i am friends kasi with liza, one of the owners. in all fairness to them kahit bago pa lang sila sa business, the photos turned out really really pretty! it did help that the kids wore colorful shirts plus kami din ni hubby so ang ganda talaga ng output. i am super duper grateful to liz for accommodating me last minute. wala kasi ako talaga budget so super kinuripot ko sya. i was telling her na i will just blog about them para quits na kame. haha. will make a separate post for them na lang so you could see some of sophie's portraits.

my favorite part of the party was the cake blowing. we had it at the playground beside the cabana and super duper nice talaga. the kids were all cheering for sophie when she blew the candle. everybody as in super kanta ng happy birthday and you could feel the happy vibes. ang saya lang and really colorful.

of course, syempre i am super touched that my family came all the way from bataan to be part of sophie's party. teeeta, lolo and lola were there for their unica apo na super happy seiing her lolo. my cousin Jasmine and sophie's second cousins, kait, janah and achi were there as well together with my aunt who made some of the yummy desserts and my uncle who served as the yayo of achi haha.

to those who made it, super thanks for being part of sophie's birthday, you guys are awesome. to my family, hubby's family, all my friends from work, from the condo, sophie's playmates and the yayas, and those who did not make it but took time to send well wishes for my dear daughter, super thank you. i am really blessed for having you guys around. you all made sophie's day so special and nakakatuwa because i saw how happy si sophie eh. i hope you guys felt the same thing. again, thank you so much! xx


Faye Paras said...

nice photos sieggy! love the cupcakes! belated happy birthday sophie! :)

the linos said...

thanks, faye! yay! kinilig ako, nag comment ka. haha. :)

Lyra said...

I love the cake and cupcakes! Looks yum!

the linos said...

hey, lyra! yum,yum cake indeed. :) thanks for reading. :)

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