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i am really really glad i got pixel pix's service. i really had no plan on getting a photographer talaga but i remembered liz, a friend from work has started a photography business. i asked her if she could take a few shots to document sophie's birthday and she said yes naman agad.

sophie had a portrait session then afterwards, family portraits naman. i have instructed them to just click away which they did and i was super happy with the output.

diba nice? i mean, i wasnt really expecting too much from them since alam ko naman that they just started eh so when i saw the photos, in all fairness, not because i know liza ha, they were really nice. here naman are some of our fanily portraits.

i was super ngarag that day and i was really worried kasi nga sophie nag swim na agad so during the shoot, maitim na sya. haha. ako naman, super pawis na and all so sabi ko goodluck sa na lang sa oily face for sure, mag register sa camera. ayan, it turned out okay naman pala. buti na lang! i was thinking, maybe photoshop saved me? hmmm. i guess i should ask liz. haha.

alrighty, that's it! if you guys are looking for a really affordable photographer, i really do recommend them. hindi naman ako talaga mapapahiya sa inyo. super promise! also, the rest of the photos are posted in my fb page. if you guys wanna see them, message me lang so i could share the album with you.

you may call pixel pix at 09175850113 and look for liz del rosario

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