dear pophie,

i don't know how to start, sweetie. i am lost for words. yeah, i know what you are thinking. mom, lost for words? yeah right. but yes, my dear. that is so true. how do i begin? okay. can you please help me? pretty, pretty please? in a few minutes, you will officially turn two. ohgosh. has it really been two years?

i still remember giving birth to you. i wasn't prepared that day so daddy had to go home and get our stuff. i didn't know you were just as excited as we were! haha. did i tell you how tiny you were then? and pretty? yep! everybody inside the delivery room thought so too. yeah, i am not kidding. they were all sooo smitten by you.

we had you baptized a couple of months after and guess what? you were sleeping the entire ceremony. not even the cold holy water could wake you up! sleepy much? hello? i should be the one sleeping and not you! all you did then was sleep! and yes, eat! you were one very lucky little girl.

the time you learned how to crawl, roll and mumble was the time i started planning for your first birthday. i was really really looking forward to it. i planned everything in full details. from the theme down to the color scheme, i planned for it. i had the best suppliers to help me out. and yes, it turned out to be an awesome awesome party. happy baby, happy daddy and yes, very happy mommy.

everything happened so fast after that. you learned how to walk straight, talk fast, scream and all those things. all the more that i fell for you. and now you are turning two..

 you know what they say about kiddos turning two and them being terrible and all that? it really makes me think. what else can you do now that you haven't the last few weeks? haha. well, i say bring it! i am so ready for it, my dear.  i love you lots and we both know that mommy simply couldn't stay mad even you do crazy things, right?

seriously, i don’t think it is possible that i could love you any more than i do right now. you are the very reason why i love being a mom. being your mom. with each milestone you remind me of how much you're growing up. it's really been too fast for me, i couldn't even begin to imagine what it'll be like in the coming years.

happy happy  birthday, sweetie!



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