oh hello again, summer!

you guys ready for summer? ohmen. where to go, where to go? naks! parang may budget. haha. super bilis ha, parang kaka summer lang, then summer again? do you still remember our summer getaway last year? shoot, yeah, i was not able to blog about it in full details, flop! sayang! ohwell. soooo, since we still don't have any plans whatsoever yet, mag reminisce na lang ako of our last year's trip.

we went to cebu via philippine airlines and stayed at shangri-la mactan. we were there for three days and timing lang kasi there were various of activities lined up since our second day happened to be easter sunday so we took advantage of it and we registered sophie.

i would say, shangri-la mactan resort is one of the best i have seen, promise! yun lang, the downside of it, mahalia jackson sya talaga. i mean, soda in cans priced at 150 bucks each! good thing brekky namen was covered and buffet at that so mega brunch kami parati. haha. pero syempre, on our first day, we tried their food and yummy naman but really expensive eh so on the second day, fast food delivery saved us. teehee.

what i liked din was, merong area for kids so if you wanna go out and explore the place, okay lang. naloka ako when i saw timezone kasi the hubby immediately bought tokens and nagplay na agad so syempre nakigaya na kami ni yaya. okay nga because wala masyado tao inside kaya feel na feel namin.  also, since we were allowed to use their non-motorized water sports facilities, hubby had his me time while we napped away! napagod kaka picture haha! really great view kasi. we also checked the spa, grabe lang, place pa lang nakaka relax na. we didn't try it, though kasi baka instead na marelax, ma stress kami lalo sa mahal wahaha.

i really do wanna share all the photos we had during our stay kaya lang hindi naman pwede because aside from the fact na magmumuka nang photo album ang blog ko, baka masawa na rin kayo sa face ko. hehe.  but just to give you a proof that we really had a grand time, i am posting some of my favorites. look at sophie's photos! super aliw to look at, maliit pa kasi sya huhuhu. she was just 14 months then. ohgosh.

all in all,  it was really super sulit because we  enjoyed our stay as in! it did help that first timers kami lahat so we appreciated talaga the place plus its historical background. sana makabalik kami some other time. of course i would still prefer to stay at shang, yes, maarte ako sa hotel haha. inaamin ko sya kaya sorry naman. kidding aside, if only for excellent service and yummy food, hands down eh because you are really getting what you paid for.

alrighty. sana magka plan kami for summer. will blog about it definitely so sana, sana. xx


Faye Paras said...

yiii fun was really painted in your faces! dream ko din magbakasyon sa Shangrila Mactan so thank you for convincing me to put it in my must-go-to-place. hihi. :)

the linos said...

super nice the place, faye! as in. worth it sya talaga. :)

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