wsone of the things that i am really grateful for is that i have a great support system. i have sooo many friends and all of them are dear to me. i have friends from school, from my previous and current work, from the condo where we live, from the cyber world, from everywhere! yes, i am that friendly. i may not look friendly at all but believe me, i have friends! good, good friends!

you see,  most of them i really do not get to see everyday but  there are those i get to have coffee with every morning and chat with during lunch. they are the ones i work with five times a week, and more than eight hours a day --- the fingurls. 

from left to right: julie, lyn, miffy, ria, myself and the new fingurl herself, ms. marge (we are missing madame janice , ms nanette, sansu and eds)

we all came from different backgrounds, we have different personalities, different lives. but we get along very well. i love the fact that we respect each others differences. i think that is what makes us solid. i tell you, work can really be crazy sometimes but we get by because we have each other.

on a personal note, seriously, i couldn't thank you guys enough for always always being there for me. and feeling ko talaga, it is god's way of reminding me how much i am loved. that aside from my family, you guys are there. yikes, ang drama ko. i didnt notice until now kasi i am about to cry na. haha. anyway, here's to friendship and many years of it! cheers! xx

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