say cheeseeeee!

let me make kwento lang, one weekend, i was teaching sophie how to say cheeeese when she smiles for the camera but i couldn't get her attention. kaya naman ayun, deadma na ako. i mean, ayaw eh so maybe hindi nya feel or hindi nya kaya.  i really thought she already forgot about it so imagine my surprise when one afternoon, inside the elevator, she asked me to take her picture while her dad was carrying her then  she blurted out cheeeese!

mom, i said, cheeeeeeese.

kumusta naman yun diba? gosh. i was really really surprised! nakaka aliw knowing that she actually paid attention pala maybe she didn't feel like saying it lang at the time. so syempre, nagulat ako so when i asked her to say cheese again, medyo alanganin na sya. hahaha. loookie:

sophie in her half cheeese smile. lol.

ang cute diba??? haha. siguro lang medyo nawindang ang anak ko when she saw my reaction. i was really surprised eh! sobrang cute lang the way she said cheese. winnner!

and oh, look at her dad? diba naman? bilang ang cute ng mag-ama ko ---  in their i-just-woke-up look! haha. love love love it! xx

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