nomnom post: bubble tea

since i looove eating, i am thinking of doing a series of nomnom post para maiba lang. haha. kidding aside, i think it is a good idea, but of course, to each his own ha? i mean, kanya kanyang trip lang. i could either rave or rant about the foodie but that's just me. i don't know about you. in short, walang basagan ng trip. hehe.

let me start with bubble tea. okay, i have tried a lot of milk tea places and isa lang talaga ang masasabi ko. my fascination for tea is limited to iced tea lang. haha. yes, boring! so my expectations prior to trying bubble was just a blah.

bubble tea at the fort

i initially ordered chocolate milk tea but decided to go with strawberry milk tea for a change. masyado safe ang chocolate. again, i wasn't really a big fan so hindi naman ako ganun ka excited to actually try it. i didn't even bother to check on the add-on options like vanilla ice cream, egg pudding and what else? nyay!  i couldn't remember anymore. ah yeah, there was mango bits, i think, and sago. not so sure. anyway, the rest of the fingurls who were with me ordered different flavors naman.

strawberry milk tea

so the milkshake came. ohemgee. strawberry milk shake is love. and i mean it! grabe lang. i think what did it for me, given the sweet taste and all, was the tapioca! it was sooo good! basta. not that malagkit at all. just right lang. it tasted really really good! i would love to come back again and try the other flavors! and oh, they also serve variety of food from pasta to sandwiches and some jap selections.

bubble tea has a branch at sm megamall, greenhills, tomas morato, the block and the fort. open from mondays-sundays.

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