test post: what am wearing now

i was telling my friend ria about my fellow nawie, mommy fleur who has a really, really aliw blog and her way of sharing her outfit of the day to her loyal followers which i find really cool and fun. eh i wanted to try posting the same here sana for fun lang so while waiting for the elevator, i gamely posed for photos. haha!

brown cardigan from bayo, white inner shirt from forever21, skinny jeans from f&x
michael kors tote and gianni bini flats

there goes my  thursday outfit --- still under holiday spell kaya naka jeans kahit hindi naman friday. lol. gosh, this seems fun talaga! haha. pag sinipag ako, kakaririn ko! hihi. hello, fleur!



giday said...

Wow, more outfit of the day post sis!!! God bless. Enjoy!

the linos said...

hahaha. yuckkkky ko sis no? nakiki outfit of the day post lang. kaloka. kinilig ako sa comment mo! :D

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