cheers to friendship, crab and bbq

had dinner with sophie's ninang ria the other night. it was actually loooong over due since we were both so swamped during year end work and all the parties during the holidays. pero mind you, it was not as if we never got to dine together at all. haha. lagi na nga kami magkasama from brekky pa lang no! but seriously, special dinner naman kasi because post-holiday treat namen for each other. and since we have been craving for a happy food, we decided to go to clawdaddy's at high street.

ohmen. sorry for the crappy shot.

syempre, this is one of my nomnom post so i am allowed to post foodie photos diba? haha. funny pa nga because excited na kami kumain, then ria kept on reminding me to take a photo first! sorry naman, sobrang gutom lang. so here's what we had:

yumyum oysters rockefeller

to die for butter ginger crab

hickory bbq chicken  nomnom

my gulay! we had so much fun eating. only the two of us ha pero talaga naman nasulit ang bottomless iced tea! karir! we were eating like crazy lalo na with the crab! grabe. parang wala ng tomorrow. no wonder we were getting bigger and bigger. haha.

syempre pa, i will not end this post without actually showing ria's photo.  anobey, isa  sya sa magagandang ninang ni sophie.

single and ready to mingle pm me for her number lol.


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