dinner with the kgirls

had dinner with my mommy friends from the condo last night. it was actually our post-christmas dinner since we were too busy during the holidays. alma suggested that we try bulgogi brothers so we met up at greenbelt around 7pm-ish.

bulgogi brothers, 3f greenbelt 5

 the resto has a modern feel to it, so-shall. lol.

i was never a fan of korean food until i tried bulgogi brothers. it was actually my first time there, same with claud so si alma talaga was the one who ordered for us since she has tried dining there once and she liked it talaga.

appetizer plate: sweet corn, sweet potato and quail eggs

veggie plate: spinach salad, kimchi and kangkong (not in photo)

they serve both appetizer and veggie plates for free! o diba? and you can actually have unlimited servings of the oh-so-yummy spinach salad! sobrang nagustuhan namin talaga. i didn't try the kimchi and kangkong, though. am not sure if the girls have tried it pero sige ask ko sila hehe.

 holy smoke. hehe

the attendant actually cooks the beef for the guests eh, i think it is part of their resto service. aliw because you can smell the yumminess of the beef. ginugutom na naman tuloy ako. hehe. we actually had the bulgogi special, it was a combination of gwangyang style and unyang style bulgogi. (alma, tama ba? haha) we also tried their noodle, sorry i forgot what it's called. hehe, diko naman naubos because kinain ko yung quail eggs. lol.

bulgogi special (there's the kimchi and kangkong hehe)

unyang style i looooooove!

gwangyang style nomnomnom.

super yum! the sweet sauce is to die for! no kidding. nagustuhan namin talaga. alma had house tea while claud and i naman preferred refillable iced tea. we did not stop asking for a refill until masabi namin na nasulit namin ang price, haha. mahalia jackson kasi.

alma, kgirl from the 5th floor lol.

claud, fellow kgirl from the 2nd floor

kgirls! xx

more than the great food and the nice place, syempre what stood out for me was the quality time we spent. super naging busy na kami and we kind of missed a lot of chika thursday sessions so sobrang namiss naman talaga namin ang isat-isa. haha. we all had a grand time, inabot na kami ng closing ng mall haha.

girls, am looking forward to our next session. let us go back to bulgogi. lol. or better yet, abusuhin ang bistro discount card! lezzgo! haha


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Alma said...

*clap* ang galing mo Sieg! na document mo talaga ang ating dinner...winner ka!
Ngayong nalaman nating may Bistro card si Claud, kailangang magamit yan ulit. Super saya talaga kagabi :)

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