yay! one of the engineers whom i worked with before just arrived from the states. he went to the office together with his family to hand me my christmas pasalubong. you see, i have worked with this guy  for five years and super inaasar ko sya everyday! i didn't know that he got a job in the states, i only found out when he messaged me one time. syempre, ako na ang forever bully sa kanya pero he remained super nice and humble.

a couple of weeks ago, got a message from him. umuwi pala ang loko and he wanted to give me my pasalubong raw. yahoo! this is what he gave me:

guess what is inside?

michael kors signature tote!

o diba? hello? it is not everyday that somebody will give you a free stuff ---- and a pretty one at that!
i mean, diba???? then he said something like, he remembered daw at the time i was sent for a short term assignmet in australia, i gave him some pasalubong too so parang he was just returning the favor. yay! na-happy ako talaga! when i told my sister about it, sabi nya, it pays to be generous talaga. awwww. na speechless ako after. haha. arte!

anyway, nelson, if you happen to read this, please know that i appreciate talaga the effort of bringing me this pasalubong. i super duper wish you and your family abundant blessings talaga. and hopefully you guys can finally settle in the states for good.  i am happy with the way your career has turned out. again, super thank you from the bottom of my heart.



Gracie said...

lucky, lucky girl!! :)

the linos said...

oo nga sis! :) super lucky! lol.

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