not so little anymore!

kanina, sophie attended a xmas party together with all the other kids at the condo. i helped her nyanya dressed her up kasi super clingy sya ngayun and she doesn't want to be away from me so i was there the whole time she was getting ready for the party.

super aliw because kinilig ako when i saw her all dolled up. super cute talaga! and i just had to take take  few photos of her. diko mapigilan sarili ko eh, haha.

sophie in her baby zara outfit and old navy flats

with co-co! (hello kitty)

aww. big girl na baby ko. see how pretty she is?  parang mom lang. hihi. wish ko lang next time mag smile na sya because hello? she used to be so game during photoshoots eh. gosh. paiba iba talaga mood ng bagets.

alrighty, have to go! kisses!

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