nawie friends

finally, after almost a year, i got to see maqui and imee again together with their babies. this happened a couple of weeks ago when we attended the east nawies xmas party at jollibee magallanes. i didn't plan on going since i had to leave the same day for papua but when imee asked me to go, na excite naman ako. besides, maqui will be there as well and syempre i was thinking, it would be nice naman to finally meet the rest of the girls.

left to right - maqui with her son aki, sophie and i, imee with baby bella

i remember meeting maqui in person during one of sophie's pedia visit. she said hi and introduced herself. of course, super familiar kasi her name and all so diba, super small world. nakakatuwa lang talaga. with imee naman, we started chatting online and sending private messages during the time na we were planning for our kids' party. just like maqui, imee kasi is really very nice so hindi mahirap to like them. we instantly became friends right after.

with mike, imee's hubby

it was a really fun morning. super na-happy ako talaga because aside from seeing them, nakita ko din other nawies na kilala ko lang sa names like pia ni ron, erlaine, marie ni jude, naj, hay naku andami nila. haha. di ko na halos maremember, sayang nga because late na kami so i never got to meet everybody.

also, na star-strucked ako seeing ms. benz in person plus we made beso pa. haha. i also had the chance to chat with nicole (hi, nicole!) who has an amazing blog, by the way. nung nakita ko yung name nya, naisip ko agad that it was her. nakita ko din si tricia, yes, that tricia i mentioned in this post. aliw talaga!

   east nawies xmas party (sayang we left na when this photo was taken)

i really hope marami pang next time so madami pa ako ibang ma meet na nawies. this group will always have a special place in my heart because lagi sila nandyan for me, the same way na nandito ako for them. sisters forever, yay! 

until next time, girls! kisses!

photo credits: lacto photo


Nicole said...

Hi Sieggy! It was great meeting you, Sophie and the others too =) If there's another get-together, I'm definitely planning on going. Until next time!!!

Anonymous said...

sisters forever! cyber toast and group hug!

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