wanted perfect pedia

i have been looking for a new pedia for sophie. i really wanted to transfer her to st. lukes global city because we live like, 5 minutes away and it would be very convenient especially during emergencies and all. problem is, i couldn't find any pedia for her. i opted to stick with dr. ds even if i have some issues with him. it was only over the weekend that i decided to seriously look for a new one.

last night, i decided to ask for pedia reco from my fellow nawies. good thing tricia was online at the time and she recommended her kids' pedia, dr. vienne saulog. i did not waste any more time so this morning i decided to give the clinic a call to inquire on the schedule and since  i was on leave from work, i asked the yaya to prepare sophie's stuff so we could go and have her checked.

the minute i stepped in to her clinic, good vibes agad. jen, the secretary was super nice and very accommodating (unlike the other secretary from 6th floor na super difficult to talk with that is why i didnt bother dropping by, went straight to 7th floor) there were a couple of patients pa before our turn so i kinda made chika with jen muna. brief backrounder as to why we are switching pedia and some getting-to-know- sophie questions.

i was very pleased and impressed with the clinic. super neat and pretty and looks mabango. i fell inlove immediately with the place. okay talaga yung bago, wala pa masyado bacteria around. haha. sophie felt at home agad. she liked the place, i can tell. her yaya liked it too. who wouldn't?

when it was our turn to meet up dra. vienne face to face, i felt relaxed and at ease. she is sooo nice. she calls sophie soph and she has this endearing way in dealing with kids. sobrang relax lang. she undressed sophie and checked her reflexes. first time to talaga because sophie didnt get any of these before. i was very very happy and satisfied with the way she explains things i told her hindi ako yung hands on mom who monitors everything and little thing na napapansin kagad. hindi ako maquestion  unless i was asked. so when she started asking me if sophie can walk alone na and how many words can she actually utters, or if she can do this and that --- i knew right away that i made the right decision.

here is the happy bebe (before having her vaccine haha)

mommy is very pleased. yehey, we will be back in 2 months time :) kisses!


Rosemont said...

Sieggy, I chanced upon your blog and I saw we had the same pedia :) AM a N@Wie too and if I remember, I also recommended her to the group. Ok sya ano? Super love ko si Dra Vienne... She takes care of all my three girls... Hope you're happy with her :) And nice blog! :) buti ka pa, kaya mong i-maintain ;)

the linos said...

hey, sis! :) yup, kaka switch ko lang sa kanya. very happy with her. :) one check up pa lang, super solve na ako.

naku, ngayung february lang ako naging active ulet mag blog. haha. tamad mode ako lalo na nung 2010. sabi ko lang will try to update as much as possible kasi sayang naman, nasimulan ko na. :)

please drop by more often para may reader ako. haha. :)

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