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christmas is fast approaching and the normal me would really go out of my way to have all the things i wanted for myself, for sophie, for the hubby and the entire family. kaso lang, andaming more important things to prioritize so i guess i won't be able to cross out anything from my list. am a bit sad pero okay lang. i mean, most of it naman if not all are just material stuff  because the rest sobrang kine-claim ko na ibibigay ni God like good health, long life, healing, acceptance, peace of mind, all the good things so i know talaga that i don't have to worry or something.  

anyway, since medyo inspired ako to blog because of my really pretty template, i would like to share with you some of the things na gusto ko sana. i know most of you would say napaka materialistic ko or ang arte ganyan, but i don't care no. haha. bad. i mean, this is my list and there is no law naman that says bawal ang mag wish! hello? make your own list so everybody happy, diba?  so here goes my list:


blackberry bold 9900

i have been using my BB bold 9700 for more than a year now, super okay pa sya but when they launched the Bold 9900 (touch screen) like, three months ago, i just died. i love love love it! i am still hoping i get this, just like what i have been telling my dear friend ri (hello marey!), pampasaya lang.


this one naman wish lang talaga. okay lang if not ma grant same with the ipad1 that i wished for last year, haha. i was once an apple user because i had an iphone in 2008 but i never got to like it that much except of course of the bejewelled game na kina-addict ko talaga. jologs na kung jologs but i swear, hindi ko kilala si steve jobs before. oo na nga, jologs na. haha. at least honest, right?

samsung galaxy tab 10.1

this is what i wanted to give sana to sophie. ipad2 sana but hello naman, baka maghirap ako kaka-buy ng applications. also, for the love of android, super okay na to for my bagets. sophie kasi likes to watch barney and hetty and jadidi and dora and minnie and mickey online as in  kina-career ng anak ko ang youtube haha. she also likes to play angry birds and siguro to stop na all the crying scenes sa bahay everytime she sees me using my lappy, she has to have her own tab na. yun lang, the hubby said still too early to get her this. well, i know this can wait but i really really really want to get this for the bebe girl. pero wala naman ako sinabi this christmas so pwede pa next year or a year after next. 

lv neverfull mm damier  canvas

i know there is no way the hubby would allow me to own one pero like what i have been saying, wish lang naman. haha. siguro if this goes on sale for like, 75% off baka pwede pa. haha. but seriously though, i think this would look bagay on me. (no violent reaction, please) i have seen a lot of LV bags and ito lang talaga yung na likes ko. I have few pieces of coach and longchamp and okay na ako with them so wala namang urgency for me to own an lv. different story na if manalo ako sa lottery. haha.

tory burch flats

everybody knows na ako na ang taong pinaka mahilig mag flats. haha. i really really want to try a tory burch flats kasi nga I am such a sucker for flats. I have nine west, ck, debenhams, gianni bini, rampage, naturalizer, kickers, crocs, cmg, wade flats and i never get to use them all. Sobrang gusto ko lang talaga. Haha. I know it sounds crazy, dadalawa lang naman ang paa ko but seriously, i own super daming pairs of shoes.  

to be continued....

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