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who watched manny's fight against marquez? gosh. of course everybody watched it! come on, the whole world was glued! the entire universe have seen the fight! (yes, i am exaggerating)

yay, manny won! but you know that surprised-and-you-fell-silent-after-the-decision-was-announced kind of win? yeah, that and the fact that you have actually tweeted and changed your facebook status saying how sad you were blah-blah-blah. ohgosh. i was that affected. seeing how big and strong and focused marquez was the entire fight! i was thinking the whole time how this could affect manny and the filipino people.

i was really expecting to hear these words --- and the newwwwww.... lo and behold! i was freakin surprised. it was still manny! dont get me wrong, i am for manny just like most of us do. i am a huge pacman fan! but i really thought marquez had it. he did an awesome job. he was very focused and you could see how determined he was. crazy. he could have won this time.  

well, still happy though. maybe i just got so used to seeing manny dominate most of his fight and that he always always wins convincingly so i guess a close fight such as this one may look like a loss or something. also, maybe in the middle of the fight while i was too busy tweeting or facebooking, i was not able to see what the judges have seen and live at that. i mean, at the end of the day, both fighters gave their best but it was still the judges' call.

with that i close this post by saying, even if marquez did not win the title, he gained so much respect  both from the filipinos and the mexicans. thank you for giving us a good fight.

congrats, manny! so, do i hear a fourth fight or a mayweather?

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