almost but not quite

sophie will turn twenty one months on sunday and i swear, parang more than two na. she is super duper kulit and daldal. she can utter too many words now and those words na gusto nya, grabe paulit ulit naman. parrot lang ang peg. haha.

all grown up

there was one time na she kept on tapping me, her dad or her yaya then she will say "torrriiiii" (sorry) in her cutest self. major aliw. sobrang cute talaga. then another time, when she tripped, she would cry and say "awwwie, awwwie" (ouchie) so super kiss naman ako sa part na may awwie tapos kung ano anong part na ang ituturo na awwie. ang galing umarte. hehe.

now, she likes saying "tey-chu" (thank you) tapos when she likes to open something, she'll say, pen plis (open please). haha. she knows din how to say "shus-mi" (excuse me) lalo na favorite nya gawin is mag shoot ng something sa trash can pag nakaharang ka, she will excuse herself. o diba, may manners. haha. ang cute, sobra!

here pa, kasi kami ng dad nya, usually yung time out moment nya, effective lang sya talaga pag namemention namin si papa jesus and super nag wo-work sa kanya yun when you tell her that papa jesus wants her to behave, ganyan or to stop crying. she knows na nga how to do sign of the cross, although nalilito pa sya but the timing when to say "memen" (amen) sobrang alam nya.

she is super lambing and mag melt ka talaga. bigla na lang yan in the middle of her playing, she would look for me or her dad. tapos she'll start crying. she will keep on asking for mommy and daddy. when we are with her naman, lambing nya na when she calls me "mommmmmm" in her sweetest voice. katuwa

here she is, window shopping with tita.

one thing about her pa na nakaka bilib is that she easily remembers yung mga words na tinuturo mo eh. like, syempre bata yan, kinukuha whatever makita nya na hawak mo or something then sinasabi ko parati na okay, borrow, ganyan. napick-up nya agad yun. now when she likes something na hawak mo, or kahit kinuha lang nya somewhere tapos papansinin mo, sasabihin nya, borrow mommy!

dito, i swear, naloka ako talaga kasi diba i say gosh or ohmygosh most of the time. so, normal na yun na expression ko. imagine my shock when sophie blurted out "gash" (gosh) while she was trying to wake me up one morning. anober. hindi ko kinaya ang anak ko. now, everytime i hear her say gash, napapatigil ako talaga. hindi ko na-imagine, promise.  for sure those people na sobrang kilala ako would die laughing while reading this. haha. mana mana lang.

she says "mayl" (smile) a lot lalo na when she is holding my phone or her dad's tapos mag pretend na mag picture sya. ang kulit eh. tapos when you ask her ng question na yes or no ang answer, she answers naman as in yes or no talaga. some of the words na she can say correctly are mine, yours, carry, up-up, down, rice, eat, juice, clap, jump and characters like, minnie, mickey, barney, dora, daisy, hetty, jake. super dami. classic naman for me the way she say  "co-cok" for  coke (yes, soda yung water for her) "klok" (clock), "plow" (pillow), "bras" (brush), "sadge" (massage) and "ko-ko" (hello kitty), "ma-mam" (elmo) haha.

naku, i could go on and on talking about her and hindi ako magsasawa. as in!  ohwell, time flies talaga, as in sobrang bilis lang. seriously, hindi ko alam if i would  be happy seeing her grow up that fast or not. kakaiba eh. this whole experience of raising a toddler, definitely priceless.


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Gracie said...

lucky you! super lambing and adorable ni Sophie. and madaldal pa! your house must be filled with so much joy having her around. ano, sundan na yan! ;-)

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