report card

it is just amazing how sophie progresses each day. she can now utter so many words and she expresses herself so well that even her pedia could not believe how fast she  learns all that. i am just as surprised, i tell you. eh hindi naman ako super hands on so hindi ko masabi where and how she learned those things.

during our last pedia visit, sophie, in her usual bibo self, wowed us again. her saying hey to strangers is not surprising na because she does it all the time naman. the moment she saw her pedia, she suddenly became quiet as if she knew what was going to happen. sobrang weird that she looked so tamed and behaved eh super likot and daldal nya. right after the usual inhale-exhale thingie, dra. vienne started to undress her. she checked  her tummy, her skin, everything. then she said, sophie is perfectly healthy. so yay!

all the while, sophie was just looking around, little did we know that she was observing dra.'s moves pala. she knew something  was up and she was right. when dra vienne turned around and put her hands behind her back, sophie started saying "No!" then  repeatedly shaking her head. No! No! No! emote galore! i am not exaggerating. as in yung pagkaka-no nya, parang she sounded begging talaga. we tried to distract her. when dra vienne handed her a toy puppy,  sophie stopped for a while and said, "ohhhh, dog."  but she saw what dra vienne was holding so she screamed again, "Noooo!" the funny thing was she then pointed her finger to the toy as if saying you give that vaccine to the puppy and not to me! dra. vienne was in awe.

right after giving sophie the vaccine, dra. told me with how smart sophie is. she said that she has good attention skills, picks up quickly, very very sociable, knows how to follow directions and really expressive. sabi nya, matalino 'tong batang 'to. so diba? i mean, hearing from somebody na hindi mo relative  and an expert at that, makes me really happy and proud.

we love you sweetie! kisses from mama and dada.

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