my bebe loves jollibee! sobra! she would scream in happiness everytime she sees the bee from the car window. ibang klase talaga ang charm ng jollibee with kids! haha. the other night lang, since i had to work over time, they picked me up and we decided to have dinner at jollibee. ohgosh, sophie was delighted! when they served na the foodie we ordered, sophie was like, ohhhh, woooow, hmmmm. hahaha. sobrang laugh trip. then for the first time, i let her eat by herself. haha. she kept on saying yumyum while playing with the spaghetti. haha. lookie, lookie. dungis much?

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Abigail said...

cute! its good madali sya pakainin:) my lil girl love jollibee too, miss na nga namin chix joy and gravy:)

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