pretty little penguin

i know i have been mia for so long and i seriously, seriously feel bad about not having time to blog and all that but hey, june has come and i promise to make it up to you guys! naks naman, parang madaming readers, lol.

this is my sort of hello-i-am-back-post so let me share with you some kwento about my little penguin, sophie.

sophie has grown a lot the past months. she does a lot of screaming, whining and crying now which i find charming. haha. crazy, right? she has this maarte tone when she says no. when she sees me or her dad every morning or from work she would say, hey and when she enters any store, she would say wow. she giggles when she catches handy manny on tv and she starts dancing when she hears the bieb's baby, baby. oh she loves kissing my tummy and her dad's. she has done a good job in mastering the art of fake crying. she is one manipulative penguin who tilts her head and smiles each time she sees you pointing the camera in her direction. may signature pose na ang anak ko!

cute, yes? haha. and she is wearing her dad's shirt. ikawna! haha.

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