hay. my little girl isn't officially a toddler yet but she acts like one already! she  likes playing with my company id. she would wear it while she digs my stuff. when you try to stop her, she would scream ma-ma! ohgosh. she always, always gets away with it. she would throw my crackberry, i mean my blackberry, and she would go gaga over my cards, my keys and my kikay kit!

well, okay na rin because she only gets to do it on weekends. haha. her daddy has a work on saturdays eh so just to get even with me since i have the luxery of getting up late on that day, he would bring sophie sa bed to wake me up and she would start making some goo-goo-gahhh-mama sounds and she will not stop unless i give her my bag and my phone!

and oh, another thing, it is sooo hard na to say goodbye to her when i am leaving for work in the morning. marunong na humabol. so i would ask the yaya to carry her and go with me hanggang ground floor. i am sooo used na playing peek-a-boo with her while walking no! haha.

look at her o, sleepy na yan ha.

i cant wait to share more of sophie in my coming posts. sobrang saya lang and i bet all moms can relate! diba?

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