walking on sunshine

sophie can walk all by herself na! yey! she started early, actually until she got off-balanced when her dad tried to have her walk alone. after that, ayaw na nya. i was kind of worried because she will be turning one na soon and yet tamad pa to walk. ang saya because now, she walks with gusto and she looks sooo cute. haha. good thing we have a huge open field/park so that really became her practice ground. madapa man sya, not that hard naman babagsakan nya.

i am sooo happy for her. she really enjoys walking eh. look at how cute she is. her yaya took all these photos while they stroll around the park with some of sophie's friends from the condo.

great job, sweetie! please, please be in the mood and walk on your birthday! haha! loveyou mucho!


1 comment :

fleur said...

Sis, she looks so cute!!! And early sha natuto magwalk ha.. very good!!!! =)

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