eleven then one

sophie is turning one next month. and yes, i am going gaga over planning her party. i started scouting for suppliers as early as august. ohboy. so many suppliers to choose from. kakaloka. when i finally made up my mind whom to get, that is when i started going into details. so here you go.

alrighty. first on the list. theme. first i thought of having spongebob. why? because sophie's yaya said sophie likes sponge. take note, sophie was five months then. two months later, sophie's fascination to spongebob has faded. she now prefers mickey, tigger and pooh. well, at the time but not anymore. she now laughs and dances with dibo, annie, elo, bunny and cro. so with that, we decided go with dibo. yey!

Spongebob Squarepants

Mickey, Tigger and Pooh

trust me, when you finally made up your mind with the theme everything else follows. so the nyay part now comes. downpayment! holy,holy! booked kidstar kastles to dress up the venue. they will take care of everything. party details and entertainment --- name it. parang SM lang. they've got it all. haha.

Dibo the Gift Dragon

last stage na of party planning. i am super excited for sophie. feeling ko ako mag birthday. haha. good thing pa and timing talaga because sophie (drum roll, please!)  can walk on her own na. as in walkkkk! grabe. proud mom, sobra! she is now officially a toddler. not official-official but, hey! my baby can walk na! major major milestone!

that's it muna for now. have to go and pick up the helper.


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