milkita for the win!

yayyyy! sophie won the milkita birthday treat promo. it came as a surprise, really. i just learned about their promo last week and decided to join, wala naman mawawala although i must admit that i was never lucky when it comes to promos or raffles until now. goodness! you see, all i did was like their facebook page and submit an entry with sophie's birthday party details. three days after, i received an email from them asking for some more details and a copy of sophie's birth certificate so they can validate the birthdate. and then yesterday, a fellow n@wie messaged me and congratulated me because apparently, sophie won the promo. i was like, seriously???? ohgosh! happiness!

already received confirmation from milkita and hubby will arrange pick up of the goodies so we can include in the lootbag for sophie's birthday on sunday. sobrang happy lang, diba?

so guys, what are you waiting for? go and like milkita's fb page and get a chance to win their birthday treat promo! hurry! promo runs until june 2011 only.

again, super duper thank you, milkita! i heart you.


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Tani said...

Congratulations, Mommy Sieggy, Daddy Russel and Birthday Girl Sophie! We are super excited to attend your birthday party, Baby Sophie. :)

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