my space

hmm. let me share with you my little corner at the office. you see, we have this open seating arrangement at work. not the usual office cubicle type, more like a call center set-up. take a look:

the first rack on the right is mine. neat, yes? haha. wait until you see what's inside. (no, am not gonna show you that!) we have pretty long table with a really comfy chair. the place really looks nice and mabango no? here is the close up of my work station.

how cute! clutter-free diba? this is really sooo not me. haha. you see, four months ago, we were asked to clean our work station because the ceo will be at the office. as in we have to get rid of all the pos-its, photos, bears, vases and all what-have-yous if di rin lang work related. so dapat notebook, pen and phone lang. you know what i did? i kept everything inside the locker. ha! goodbye clutter! ayun, 4 months na malinis table ko, 4 months na rin all the stuff inside my locker. yehey!

anyways, gosh! i am killing time at work. i can't seem to find my mojo to fininsh this presentation i am working on. anobaaaa! i feel sooo tamad talaga. okay. back to work now. byei.


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