some me time

finally had some well deserved me time, yehey! i went to dutchess haven nail salon and spa to pamper myself. me, very happy! it was my first time there. usually when i wanted to get some feet loving scrub, i go to mikaela across the office. i was surprised to see how pretty the salon/spa was. it has been open for, like, a year now but i never really thought of trying their service until last saturday.

the hubby and the bebe dropped me off the dutchess around 3pm. i went up the salon/spa not expecting anything grand or extraordinary. pero in fairness, the moment i entered the door, what greeted me was this lovely reception with a white-blue-purple color scheme plus this peppermint, vanilla smell. yum! tapos the inside naman of the spa had a black-white-blue green color scheme. nice to look at talaga ang white. very relaxing. i knew right away that i will get the much needed r&r i wanted even just for a couple of hours!

i had mani/pedi and hand and foot spa! happiness! what irked me lang was, yes, the place was wi-fi equipped but  not working! major fail! also, a bit pricey but hey, the place naman was really nice so i dont mind paying. anyhow, will surely comeback to try some waxing and facial. haha.

oh, here is the photo of the mani/pedi girl. haha. super smile si ate, naka eyelash extension pa! bwahahaha!


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