home sweet home

Finally, we were able to move in to our new place. Yay! Well, the whole moving in was not that easy as we thought it would be. To think that we only have our clothes to take with us --- no furniture’s, no nothing. Haha. We kind of like it that way, as what I have mentioned in my previous post, we have been planning for this moving in thing for months now. Customized fixtures were pre-ordered and directly delivered to our new place the same day we moved in. Hassle-free talaga. Everything turned out pretty well. I guess we got naman all the must-have stuff for the house so all is good.

I personally designed everything of course with the help of my sister and my mom who did most of the sorting of our halo-halo stuff. We have unused clothes, tons of cosmo and preview copies, accessories and other things which we both forgot we have --- only after 8 months of being married. Teehee. I played the interior designer part and my sister and mom were my consultants. Haha. We did not stop until we complete the whole look which turned out to be very modern and chic. Haha. Yes, chic – well, the color scheme did it and of course the sofa, and the curtains, and the paintings and… haha! :wink:

So, the loooong wait is over, everyone! Photo sharing time! Indulge, baby!

living room (lovelove or round accent chairs)

dining area beside the living room

stuff from abea and our home

six seater dining

More photos to be posted soon!


Joanne MV said...

Nice crib you got there! ;)

Congrats! Ü

~Joanne (fellow N@Wie)

alandana said...

i love the round chairs!

bog'sblog said...

Hi nice home, I envy with you Na excite tuloy ako can't wait our house to be finish kasi still under construction... aside of preparing our wedding we are preparing our home... Congrats... enyoy your crib...

Demetris said...

nice place you have now! i like such an interior!

Gracie said...

love your round accent chairs! we badly need some of those in our apartment.

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