top ten summer must do's

1. Get a fab new wash and wear do.

2. Lose weight.

3. Buy a new bikini. :p

4. Plan an amazing summer getaway with your boy.

5. Hit the beach.

6. Get a tan or a fake one haha.

7. Learn to drive.

8. Drink lots of water.

9. Shop for shorts and summer dresses.

10. Parteyyy and get drunk. :p

Seriously, so far, am 3/10 -- still have 6 more or so weeks to accomplish the above list. Gosh. So, what about you? What are your top 10s? Care to share? :)


1 comment :

Jans said...

haaay sis, maybe I'll make my "Wish List".. ehehe!! medyo malabo na kasi Must-Do list ko, puro wedding preps pa andun malamang.. hihi! But we'll see..;) *sigh*

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