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Hola! Oh gosh, been quiet for a while now. There's too much to share but I can't seem to bring back my mojo to write. Yay! I was thinking of posting another wedding stuff entry but geez, most of you will laugh at me and would think that I am being silly for doing so. Haha. Well, I am still not over it and I don't think I will ever get over it so sue me! Yay!

The other day, I received a private message from a fellow w@wie and she was telling me how impressed she was with all the wedding details, and of course, that makes me very happy. :) Until now, our same day edit still makes me cry. I still have goosebumps everytime I hear our wedding song. I still get amazed with how beautiful the photos turned out. My friends and I still talk about the whole wedding thing and believe me, I can't get any prouder for pulling off a beautiful wedding.

Sometimes, they say that spending too much on something is bad and very impractical. They could be right, you know, given the economic crisis that the world is experiencing at the moment, but hey, nothing beats the feeling of making your dream happen and actually experience it.

I think all the blogging brides out there would agree. :)



Jans said...

I agree sis!! and at least you DEFINITELY got your money's worth naman noh! Kasi in my opinion, you are investing on the memories naman e! so good investment sya dba?;)

Sana kami rin maging ganyan..;)

tanivillamora said...

Tell me about it. Dami namin nasayang pera because of previous bookings gone wrong. Nag0ver0ver-budget kami. But in the end, it was my dream wedding. My true friends were there and those that weren't there contributed something.

sieggy said...

@ jans -- you just really have to put your heart into the whole wedding planning thing. Karir na kung karir. It is after all, your own wedding. :)

@ tani -- very true. but it paid off diba? we had the wedding of our dreams. ;)

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