my perfect summer cut and color

I sooo love the idea of having a new look so I spent the whole of Saturday pampering my self by going to the salon and voila, I got my perfect summer cut and color and am super loving it to bits! :)

The Cut

Well, obviously that wasn't me. lol. It was the cut that I aimed for which I am sporting now, but a couple of inches longer, I think. It hits between the bottom of my chin and the top of my shoulders. Still beautiful nonetheless. Yay! They call it long bob cut --- not the usual katie-holmes-overly-hyped-asymetrical-bob which is is sooo last year. Teehee. :D

The Color

Geez, I wish I was Anne Hathaway. Haha. Well, as for the color, I went for a very deep brownish red or coffee red as what they call it, to match my long bob cut. Oh gosh, I feel like a rockstar. Haha. :D Really lovely color. I don't think caramel, brown, blonde or whatever would fit me, anway.

I promise to put a photo soon. Okidoki? And oh, shoot me out a comment or two so I would know what you think.



Jans said...

Ako sis I'm thinking if I should have my hair straightened again, or parang I want to try yung me curls in the end.. Hihi.. Bahala na..;) I'll share it too once maka-decide na ako what to do.. Hihi!!

tanivillamora said...

Where's your picture with the new 'do? :)

khimphotz said...

hi sissy, ganda ka pixs with your new look

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