st. francis of assisi chapel

Wedding Ceremony
St. Francis of Assisi Chapel - Super Highly Recommended

I didn't have any problem with SFA. The chapel was a sight to behold. Sooo gorgeous. The tiffany chairs plus the lovely drapes and swags were sooo nice to look at. When we went there early this year to inquire, naku, I fell inlove na agad with the chapel. Very romantic ambiance. Basta, very magical eh. Ang ganda ganda talaga. Funny nga kasi during the wedding, I didn't get to actually look at the chapel. Haha. I was sooo busy trying to calm myself because I was freaking nervous when they asked me to get off the car na. My gosh! Ito lang, kasi diba, I was shaking talaga, tapos, kasi the entrance of the chapel has this parang hump or something, basta pataas sya na if you, like, step on it with your heels on, tapos in your big-heavy-beaded-gown, naku, yung parang mag slide ka pababa? Haha. I felt that at the time. Pero talagang inisip ko na lang na ayoko naman gumawa ng scene diba, kinaya ko na lang maglakad. I tell you, super short ng aisle in SFA but that moment, feeling ko, that was the longest aisle I ever walked in. Promise! Haha.

As for the staff, (Mt. Carmel people) well, they were nice and very easy to deal with naman. No drama, whatsoever. No hassle in getting an endorsement. Tapos, the canonical interview naman went okay. They were not the type who would make special treatment to some couples who came in late. As in, you have to make pila talaga before you can have your turn which is sooo galing of them. If only all church people are that nice, no? That would be good for all the bride-to-be's. Okay sa alright talaga.

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