fernwood gardens

Reception Venue
Fernwood Coral Tree Garden - Super Highly Recommended

When we went to Fernwood early this year, I knew in my heart that we were not there just to see the place but to actually book the place. I got sooo excited. It was perfect. Quite pricey but that didn't keep us from booking the place. Very, very nice. Everybody had the same reaction din. Yay!

However, I had a not-so-nice experience lang with one of their staff. Kasi when I initially inquired, that was last year, I think. Prior to us seeing the place, there was this girl who made me feel like we cannot afford their rates. Oh God! I hate people like that. You know what I mean? I am the type naman who really gets along well with everybody, super bubbly kaya ako! Well, maybe ganon lang talaga yung voice nung girl on the phone, or maybe it was just me over reacting. Whatever na lang. Haha. After that naman okay na. Except for the aircon incident that really stressed me out. Hay naku. Saka on the day of the wedding, parang they forgot about the dance floor. Well, kasi late na ako nag decide sa dance floor, it was not originally part of the contract eh pero okay naman, my coordinator was able to fix it. I learned about it late na. Syempre, ayaw naman nila ako mangarag haha.

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Jans said...

Wow sis! Coral Tree din kami!:) Although to be honest yung may staircase sana yung 1st choice namin, but may nauna na samin..

Hay naku sis! we had the same experience rin the 1st time we made an occular visit of the place!! (which reminds me I forgot to put THAT in my blog.. hihi!).. We didn't really plan to go kasi, tapos we just came from a party sa province.. so naka-shorts lang most of us.. tapos parang narinig ng sister ko me isang AE humirit about our attire dun sa couple na nito-tour nya!!

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