highlights, raves and ratings

WARNING: This is a super duper looong post. Haha. :wink:

Yay! Finally married! Haha. The wedding was a success! Everybody had a great time! We have been receiving good feedbacks from the guests and we are truly grateful talaga because we have prayed for this and that we made sure that everything will fall into place. Well, of course, a wedding would not be complete without glitches, but hey, who had a perfect wedding, anyways? We can only hope for a little less than perfect. Haha!

Some highlights and and my favorite part:

1. My Bridal March. Syempre, I made everybody cry when I entered the church. I tried talaga not to cry but I must say, it was really, really hard to contain ones emotion. Now I understand why a lot of brides cry while walking down the aisle. Unexplainable emotion. Honestly, I was shaking the whole time. Mixed emotions eh. It didn't help that all the people close to my heart were there, crying with me -- lalo lang ako nag iiyak! Haha. I thought seeing them would cheer me up, I always have this scene kasi in my mind that when it is my turn to walk down the aisle, I would do it differently! It turned out, I am no different. Haha. I was even looking down while walking, at the back of my head, naririnig ko parang somebody was saying, chin up, chin up! Oh my gosh! Syempre, that made me realize, moment ko na pala 'to. So, ayun! I had to give my best smile kahit na umiiyak ako. In fairness, I think it worked out pretty well. Haha. I looked soooo lovely even if I was crying --- panalo! Haha. Looking back now, I think that part was my moment talaga. I owned it and I loved every minute of it.

2. Couple's Entrance. This one I super likey talaga! We had Low as our entrance song. Babe and I were really makulit and we kind of wanted a party feel and atmosphere eh that is why we decided on using that song. Naku, I tell you, it was a big hit! Nawala ata gutom nila hahaha. The entrance was very Russel and Siegrid. We danced nga on our way to the flatform. Haha. Everybody had a good laugh and they were all surprised. Upbeat song is the best way to go -- it worked for us and everybody loved it.

3. MOH's speech. My 2 sisters made me soo emotional talaga when they gave this very heart warming speech. You see, I am the first one to get married in the family. I am their baby. Their princess. I love them to bits! I am sooo glad that I have them They are the best sisters ever!

4. First Dance. We had Michelle Featherstone's We Are Man and Wife as our first dance. It was sooo romantic. I have always wanted that song. If you listen to the lyrics very well, you will be deeply touched. I will never get tired listening to that song. Naiiyak pa din ako until now kapag naiisp ko. Hahaha.

5. On-site Video . One word: Awesome.

So there! Actually, I still have a loong wedding kwento to share. Kaya lang, dahil super looong sya, until now, di pa sya tapos. Hehehe. Meanwhile, since I promised to blog about my supplier's ratings, I will prioritize this first. I owe this post to my fellow w@wies who have been really helpful since day one of the wedding preps.

Since all of them performed well, I will be rating them by:

1. Highly Recommended

2. Super Highly Recommended

3. Super Duper Highly Recommended

Read on!


tanivillamora said...

Long suppliers' rAtings but greAt-to-reAd 'cAuse your hAppiness trAnscends. :) best wishes AgAin. :)

Maudey said...

Hi there! I've been bloghopping and stumbled upon yours. I've been dreaming about my own wedding too, although I might tie the not in long long time pa (I'm only 22). I just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog and I also like We Are Man and Wife for our Wedding. Great Song. :)

Im hoping we could be blogmates. Visit my page if you have time. Im warning you though, my site doesn't have much yet, it's been up for more than a month pa lang.

See you around! :)

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