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I have said this before but I will say it again, they are the best photog ever! I consider them as my super duper favoritetalaga. As in. Sobrang nice and talagang magaan sa loob, alam mo yun? Well, ako talaga, I know naman na super dami nilang clients. I can imagine them doing the same thing that I was doing at the time, like, making kulit to Oly and you know, parang always trying to get assurance na the wedding wil turn out as fab as the rest of the wedding they featured, ganyan. Hahaha. Feeling ko nga minsan, sobra na ako. Kasi naman, during those times, talagang I dream about the concept na. Like, when they feature a new wedding, naloloka ako sa details. Haha. I couldn't believe how they can capture everything na parang effortless eh. Hay. I sooo, sooo, admire their talent.

Eto pa, share ko lang. Minsan, nachichismisan ko pa si Oly about some stuff eh. Hehe. Tapos my sister naman, comfy sa kanila. Like sila ni ate haha. That is why when Oly was ranting about some copycats, naku my sister was really in bashing mode din. Haha. Affected din kami eh, no? Another thing, never ko na feel sa kanila that they were just being nice because you know, they should be nice to their clients. Hindi talaga ganon. Genuine yung pagiging nice eh. Basta, I think, other Metrophoto couples would certainly agree. On the day of the wedding, naku winner ang outfit nila. Haha. If you see Oly, Chax, Rache, Francis and even their assistants, ma-impress ka. They really put an effort in dressing up. Naremember ko tuloy nung E-session, I was telling my sister na baka ma overdressed kami ng Metrophoto hahaha.

Also, my beb really appreciated yung patience ni Chax at the time they were shooting for his wedding prep with his parents. Sobrang professional and really mabait. Wala pa sila masyado sleep non, ha? Basta. Love namin sila.

And of course, how can I forget si Rachey Rache who accompanied me sa car going to Fernwood. Sobrang na touched ako talaga. She made kwento about some stuff just to make me feel at ease. Saka, naku, the driver didn't know how to get to Fernwood, eh ako din naman, hindi ko alam and even if alam ko, syempre naman, medyo lutang na ako nun so wala na ako time mag bnavigate no! Good thing Rachey was with me. Hay, I super, super love her. Tapos talagang, parang hindi na yata kasama yun sa job nya, pero talagang she stayed with me. Ang sweet no? Thank you talaga, as in! Natawa nga ako kasi nung nag goodbye na sila after the wedding, sabi saken ni Rache pinaiyak ko daw sya nung nag walk na ako sa aisle. Haha, ayan, hindi nya ako nakunan ng photo kasi na carried away na sya. Hahaha. I din't mean to make you cry, my dear. Haha.

Ano pa ba? Oh! Both our families pala, sobrang na appreciate namin talaga sila. We all loved the shots they took. Winner na winner! My cousins and sisters talagang adored them. Hay naku. We talk about how great they are all the time! Sabi nga ng ate ko, sana daw, when it is her turn to get married, hindi pa malabo mata ni Oly! Hahaha. :D

So many good stories about them. Siguro, I can go on talking about their style and how awesome they performed pero kasi tehir work simply speaks for themselves na. The talent they have is very obvious. Definitely worth it.

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Rachey! said...

we love you too sieggy! :D you're such a wonderful woman (wonderwoman!) lol! :) russ is really one heck of a lucky and blessed guy! ;) we're happy you guys are happy .. wee! :D

make a couple of little russ' and sieggy's ok? :D God bless!

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