Mallory - Super Highly Recommended

She made the program interesting. She carried herself well and everybody loved her! Hindi ko talaga kakayanin if iba ang mag cover kay Missy! Good thing she agreed -- straight from the other wedding inFernwood huh! Yay! One of the reasons, well, the sole reason, actually hehehe why the program was a bit delayed. Pero worth the wait naman. Her style worked! I couldn't thank her enough for saving me. Haha.

The garter game was sooo funny. Haha. They made my beb dance. Everybody had a good laugh. Sexy dance daw kasi. Eh knowing my beb, naku, kinarir ang sexy dance! The lucky guy who got the garter ( winner of the beer challenge) had to dance din and talagang sobrang funny kasi nag sexy dance din sya. (former boss ko! hehe) tapos yung nakakuha namn ng bouquet was my sister. Hehe. Ang saya nung game. I really, really enjoyed that part. That was conceptualized by Clarice during one of our meetings. Ang saya talaga. Laugh trip!

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