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A fan mail from a Metrophoto bride :-)

I was never the risk taker type. I just go with the flow. That is why when I contemplated on making a big switch from one photog to another, I felt awkward because I didn't know what to expect. What if they screw up? I have been through that and imagine my disappointment. Ahrg! Sad and awful, I swear! I know that my beb was disappointed too. Just like me, he expected too much so he supported me when I asked him if we could consider another photog.

You know what they say about blessing in disguise? Who would have thought that the whole thing that happened would lead me to Metrophoto? Good Lord! I was sooo happy when finally, after like, a hundred unanswered phone calls (they were in the States at the time) and one urgent email asking for their availability (yeah, I did not ask about their rate first!) I got a reply from them, saying that, yep, the date is still open and the rest is history.

The engagement session was a fun, fun experience. Beb and I were in our best celebrity selves. Haha. As if. They made projecting in front of the camera as easy as saying yes or no! Well, I was never into PDA but I sooo wanted to give them good shots so who cares about PDA? Haha. Oh boy, kissing in public has never been THAT cool, I tell you! :wink:

I became an instant stalker of their blog after that. My beb became a huge fan --- both of us got sooo obsessed especially after seeing the great, great outcome of the session. They were done in good taste. So good that my beb and I thought of having a career as print ad models. Kidding! Haha.

Now we go to the wedding. I have seen great weddings featured in their blog and the pressure of having a great wedding gave me sleepless nights. It was hard. Very, very hard. But then again, why feel pressured? What is there to worry about? I am a Metrophoto bride. We are Metrophoto couple. How great is that? You want to take a peek? Here:

Seriously, I cried upon seeing the photos. I am truly grateful to Metrophoto. They did an awesome job. Awesome is an understatement, really. Pure of heart, emotion and passion. Contemporary. Unordinary.

See more photos HERE.
Guys, you will always be dear to us and you know that. Thank you for documenting the best day of our lives. Thank you for being part of the wedding. Again, you guys are the best photog ever! Big thank you from Russel and I and everybody in our families.



Rachey! said...

sieggy, we thank you :) you're the sweetest person on earth :) mwah! God bless you and Russ most abundantly. keep rockin' it guys :)

michelle cunningham said...

i just saw your pictures on their site. congratulations on going with them. the pictures are awesome! you guys SHOULD consider modeling!

Rommel said...

sieg, russ... you too did an awesome job! you both are great subjects! thanks for trusting us!

Rommel said...

sieg, russ... you too did an awesome job! you both are great subjects! thanks for trusting us!

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