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Josiah's Catering - Super Duper Highly Recommended

First, before I rave about the food, let me make a special mention muna to Maui, our AE. She was such a darling! Sobrang dami kong request plus pabago-bago ako ng isip, pero sya talaga, she remained nice and attentive to all my needs. Na appreciate ko talaga yun. She became a good friend na rin, we always talk on line, tapos I call her pag na pa-praning ako, pag may mga naiisip ako, kahit anong oras tinetext ko sya hahaha. Thanks, my dear for putting up with me. Labyu!

Alright, regarding the foodie naman, we have the following: Pan-fried Sole Fillet with crispy garlic in lemon butter sauce, Chicken cordon bleu, Butterflied Shrimp with sweet & chili sauce, Fettuccini with Sun-dried Tomato pesto (red and white sauce), Mongolian Barbecue, Churasco, Sabroso Lechon, Salad Bar, Cocktail Bar, Sushi Bar and Dessert buffet. Everybody loved the food. Plus, over flowing talaga sya. We were expecting more than 200 guests but around 180-190 showed up. Marami din kami naiuwi na food. Over flowing kasi talaga sya. Haha. Nakakatuwa kasi they enjoyed the foodie so much. Kami naman ni hubby, we didn't get to eat haha. Windang kami pareho eh. Haha. Funny nga kasi yung waiters assigned ti us, ask ng ask kung ano gusto namin kainin hahaha. Sweet. I think my beb asked for some sushi eh saka ako pala, I asked for some lechon. :-)

Feeling ko naman sa food department, talagang na happy ang mga guests. My friends enjoyed the open bar so much that they stayed talaga until midnight, kaka request ng last round from the waiters. Haha. Fuuun din yung sushi bar and churasco, although that night, diko alam ha, but I didn't see the set up eh. Haha. I really wanna see it. Kasi the reason why I insisted on having Churasco was the photo that I saw in Wedding Essentials, parang ang nice tignan ng may Churasco station hahaha. Well, sabi naman maganda nga daw. Even the flower arrangement, yung mga centerpieces were sooo nice. Actually, late na when I noticed that the centerpieces were not the exact arrangementI wanted, pero maganda naman yung result so okay na ako dun. I was telling Maui kasi na if hindi ko magugustuhan, mag wa-walk out ako hahaha. Love ko din yung table namin talaga and the backdrop. Nicey, nicey! Sabi nga ni Clarice, parang Josiah's did a great job sa set up and they said na one of the best yun ng Josiah's. Yey! Happy, happy!

Also, the waiters were nice and attentive. May utang pa nga ako sa kanila kasi all my stuff nasa sister ko na, eh windang naman ako the whole day, so I was not able to give any tip sa kanila. Pero I promised naman Maui that I will make bawi when I see her. I have yet to see her, though. Anyway, wala ako masabi talaga kasi very easy sila ka deal. Likes ko talaga the way they handled our account. Siguro lang, the thing with Josiah's kasi, they treat you like you are their only customer kaya ganon. I mean, you would not feel otherwise eh. Basta, super,super worth it sila.


tanivillamora said...

Hi Sieggy. I was hoping you'll post pics of your set-up by Josiah's. I pretty much have one in mind. Sana magaya ng Josiah's. Pero I'd like to see your actual backdrop & centerpieces & what you had in mind that Josiah's weren't able to do. Thanks for the rave especially with Maui. :)

Jans said...

grabe sis! Maui rin ang AE namin!! dapat dun SUPER laki ng bonus! ahaha!! she's really the best AE for us.. really Godsent!!:)

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