me, myself and eddie b.

I had my THMU with Eddie Bruan this afternoon. Grabe the rain. Non-stop. We got lost pa. Boo! Nay! I was really quiet the whole time because I could not figure out nga how to get to Eddie's place. I really don't have sense of direction, that is my major problem -- kaya the least that I could do talaga is to keep quiet. Hehe.

Anyway, we found naman his place, after 30 minutes of going around Rockwell area. Imagine, we braved the brain just to have the whole trial thing. In fairness, nice naman the result and you know, being the non-make-up person that I am, talagang na happy ako with the way things turned out. My babe loved it so all good.

Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Take 4



Neat and nicey

What do you say? Do I look good with make-up? Well, not that I don't look good. Hehe. Come on! Nice no? Move over, eyebugs! Hehehe.



Irmee said...

Hi Mare, I like your make up. you looked like a true blue chinese doll...I liked the hairstyle too. ang galing talaga ni Eddie B.

just wondering how and where would you put the veil?

SpringB2B said...

Love your hair brooch!

joanne said...

ate siegrid nice naman ng hair and make-up mo =)

i actually regularly check your blog talaga since about april or may ata. kaka-excite kasi planning mo for your wedding. i saw it when ate lotlot checked your blog. she sometimes uses our computer kasi dito sa bahay. so ayun, i took note of it and saw to it that i check it regularly.

goodluck on your wedding. bilis noh? parang ako din hindi makapaniwala na it's just about 2 weeks away. =)

congrats to you and your future hubby. =)

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