Babe and I went to The Wines and Spirits to get some booze for the wedding. Wait a minute, did I just say booze? Yay! Haha.

You see, we will be having an open bar for the reception and that means over flowing martinis, margaritas and what-have-yous! Coolness! Gawd!

Awesome, huh?!

It is super fun to shop for these items, you know! Haha. My babe got really excited. Wow. We didn't plan this talaga. It was Maui's idea and I loved it! Well, who wouldn't? I was thinking, that would blend well with our Churasco thingy. Woot!

So, do I smell PARTEEEEEEEEEEEY?? Haha. Let's dance the night away and have fun! Cheers!



Storybookwedding said...

Ooooh!!!! Soooo near!!! Excited??? :) I miss you, dear! And contrary to what you may think, I am actually updated on your blog! :) I visit when I can, I'm just not able to leave a message. :(
Love your invites! Love your shoes! Love the coach!
And your makeup looks fabulous btw! Brought out your beauty more!

Anonymous said...

Hey there..
Congrats and Best Wishes to both of you. I've seen in your comment here na nag-open bar kayo? Did you actually hire somebody for that or you just talked to your caterer about this?
Why do you guys have to buy the drinks? Isn't it included in the package? Did you have to pay corkage or something?
Well ganyan din kasi gusto namen kaso we have no idea how much would it cost us.

Rain (from W@W)

Russ & Sieg said...

Hi, Rain!

Josiah's provided the bar tender. Cost us about 3,500. The shot glasses, mixers, etc were provided by them as well except for the alcohols. We bought the alcohols at Spirit Specialists located along Buendia for 7k -- much cheaper kasi than have it provided by Josiah's. Tapos, the fruits, juices, etc would cost you naman 2k. Mga 13k okay na :-)

No corkage whatsoever.


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