that thing called presents...

It is soo hard to find a perfect gift for the principal sponsors. Best effort is needed. Mind you, when I say best effort, so-so gift is not an option. You really have to think about something that would make them feel special regardless of what they give you.

Well, good thing my ate beth helped me with the gift for the Ninangs -- they are much easier to find and you know, choices are everywhere so long as the cost is within your budget. That is another story, though. :D Anyway, my sister got them something from Liz Claiborne. Oh, you wanted to know what specific gift she got? Uh, sorry. Me.Not.Telling. Haha.

What about for the Ninongs? Don't ask. Ahrg! Super, super hard! Google will give up. Well, not really, but, you see, I DID! Yeah! THAT hard! Anyhow, this weekend, everything paid off. I found the gift! I called beb and he went with me to the mall to get them. Here's where we got them:


P.S. Definitely NOT wines. Hehe.


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