my girls, my bridesmaids!

I am just sooo happy to tell everyone that my cousins, Jenny and Jackie, would be able to make it on my wedding! Their dad, who happens to be one of the ninongs, confirmed this very good news just this afternoon! Yay! Too bad, though, since their mom and Jason couldn't. Sad.

Well, anyway, I can't believe how these girls have grown up pretty fast. I still remember when they were little, they would always ask me to play with them and we would always share stories about silly things and you know, they were always with me. I am, afterall, their very makulit and maarteng ate. Haha.

Now, what about them? What are they like? They are both funny, witty, crazy, smart and gorgeous! They can make you love them easily! They are such wonderful girls! Very friendly and easy to get along with. Super nice and thoughtful.

I made a promise to myself that when I get married, I will make sure that they will be part of the wedding. They are my babies and I love them dearly. They are the sweetest, most charming girls, ever! So, everyone, meet my bridesmaids! Here's Jackie and Jenny ♥

My Zara and Mango

Girls, I am sooo looking forward seeing you next month. Loveyou both!


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tanivillamora said...

wow! your babies turned out to be babes! :) the one on the left looks like vanessa del blanco.

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