say cheese!

There are too many "nice-to-haves" in a wedding -- and photo booth is one of them. Well, the concept of using it as a wedding favor is really, really nice. However, I already have favors eh. Siguro, if I am still looking for one, I might consider. Blech.

BUT wait! You see, I've been having second thoughts lately about this whole photo booth thing. So, this afternoon, when I went to Printsonalities to pick-up my message cards, me and my sister, who was with me at the time, tried Bai Capture photo booth which we really, really enjoyed! It was awesome! We were like, OMG, this is sooo fun! Here, take a look:

with my ate cherry. weeee!

I am keen on getting them -- even for just 2 hours. It would be a hit, for sure! Wahhh! I have 2 weeks to decide. If only somebody would pledge -- ahem, ahem, calling ate cherry! Haha. Fun, eh? Wehehe.


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