all good in the hood

Got the complete set of invites, place cards, gift tags and table numbers from Printsonalities this afternoon. Worth the wait and the price talaga. They made me sooo happy and I am really, really glad I did get them as my invite supplier. No regrets --- they really did an awesome job with my invites. I just love, loove, looove them! Take a look:

Sooo pretty.

See the fonts? Love them to bits!

Don't you love our names? :wink:

Our dried emboss names at the back of the envelope

printed names on the envelope

Table numbers, place cards and gift tags

place cards

Gift tags

I am crazy about these items. Haha. I sooo love the swash! Yay! Special thanks to Jo, my AE for keeping up with all my kakulitan. Haha. Thanks,thanks for the wondeful job. You still owe me my message card. Thanks a bunch, dear.



Ri said...

Sieggy, these are fantastic, love them, love them, love them! :)

sieggy said...

thanks, Ri! Awww. sweetness!

Anj said...


I HEART THEM TOO! :) I'm really into stationery, so I'm just as excited seeing gorgeous invites, cards, and everything! :)


Mama D and Little Z said...

SOOO cute!! I love your fonts. Can't wait to see in person, I have to wait till we get there huh??

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